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Advancing Health Care Solutions into the Modern Era

Osprey TSI facilitates national efforts to improve the quality of health care with solutions focusing on; delivery, electronic medical records, enhancing public health, and improving emergency responses. Our efforts advance health care systems and help modernize treatments for government employees and civilians alike.

We offer a comprehensive approach to healthcare modernization from equipment training, to the integration of electronic medical records, Help Desk Support, and more. When implemented successfully, our solutions preserve the quality of healthcare for U.S. citizens or military personnel when abroad. Leveraging modern technologies and data systems, we can predict clinical, financial, and procedural needs with greater accuracy.

Osprey TSI provides full-service administration of health care services for both government agencies and commercial medical facilities nationwide. We are committed to delivering cost-effective, high-quality services to our clients. Osprey TSI provides turnkey solutions for the following services:

IONM Neuro Monitoring

Osprey TSI provides Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring (IONM) services for a wide variety of complex spinal, brain, vascular and otolaryngologic surgical procedures. Neuro monitoring radically transforms the healthcare landscape and treatment of neurological issues. By utilizing Intraoperative Neuromonitoring, surgeons can obtain feedback and detect any neurological issues without the need to wake patients up during surgery.

This not only vastly improves the patient’s experience, but it also makes procedures much safer. Utilizing these technologies, surgeons can promptly take any necessary corrective action during a procedure, thus minimizing the risk of postoperative neurological deficits.

We provide meaningful and cost-effective partnerships with healthcare providers to enhance patient protection and reduce liability. Leveraging our partnerships with innovative industry leaders, Osprey is currently executing major contracts with government agencies and the VA.

Medical Equipment, Maintenance, and Repairs

Exceptional healthcare services depend on quality, functional medical equipment. Osprey TSI provides, monitors, and maintains medical equipment so that you can count on it at any moment.

Medical Supplies

Osprey TSI provides consumable medicals supplies ranging from; diagnostic and testing supplies, to surgical supplies, home health care equipment, electronic and lifesaving equipment, and much more. There are many pieces to the puzzle when building a quality healthcare system – rest assured that Osprey TSI helps you put them all together.

Equipment Training

Advances in health care equipment can hold the potential to radically change the health care landscape. However, we cannot affect a positive change without proper knowledge of how to operate medical equipment correctly. Hence, Osprey plays its part by training health care professionals on the proper usage of medical equipment.

Information Technology Services

Many of our clients are in the business of saving lives, not becoming experts in technology. Hence, our clients leverage Osprey’s resources to help them assemble high-tech solutions and assemble systems that help them support their health care initiatives.

Electronic Medical Record Systems

Electronic medical records provide digital copies of a patient’s chart. Hence, these systems provide much more flexibility, convenience, and accessibility over traditional methods. Many of our client’s transition to EMR systems and experience an increase in efficiency and appreciate a ‘greener’ method of record-keeping.

Paper to Electronic Medical Records Transitions

Transitioning from paper records to electronic records can present a massive undertaking. Osprey facilitates a seamless transition so that our clients can focus on what’s most important for them.

Software and Application Development

Many of our clients within the government and private sectors often possess unique needs for managing their operations effectively. Hence, they require unique software tailored to their needs. Osprey consults with our clients, collects information, develops, tests, and implements custom software and applications tailored specifically for our clients.

Program Management

Designing and implementing transformational changes requires managing many moving parts. Osprey’s PMP-certified managers provide services required to manage, design, and integrate a multitude of concurrent activities that comprise large, complex, mission-critical programs. From inception to completion, Osprey has it covered.

Help Desk Support

We understand that quality health care initiatives do not have time to wait for technical issues. Hence, our certified experts are standing by to assist our clients around the clock.

ICD-10 Coding

The ICD-10 coding system provides a universal language for health care professionals to classify conditions. Stay up to date with Osprey’s coding systems.

Database Development

Each day, we generate massive amounts of data that can provide valuable insights. Without effective database management, you might be missing the greater picture. Our experts create and implement databases that help you to see beyond the numbers and make data-driven decisions.