Data Security: Achieve Full Control Over Your Data with Sealpath by OspreyTSI


OspreyTSI recognizes that one of the most important aspects of managing your business successfully is data security. In today’s ‘digital world’ more and more organizations are migrating to paperless operations. Companies are adopting CRM and ERP solutions that facilitate employee and contractor access to a company’s official documents from mobile devices, laptops, and home computers. As a result, we have greater flexibility to access data than ever.

While this trend has its perks, it also creates liabilities for a company. Should a company’s data fall into the wrong hands – the results could be catastrophic for the company and its clients. Companies store valuable information in documents, PDFs, spreadsheets, CAD designs, and more. This data is exposed to multiple threats on a daily basis, including:

  • Human error

  • Extraction via cyber attacks

  • Non-compliance of regulations

  • Disgruntled, malevolent staff

Manage Your Data Security Effectively with Sealpath by OspreyTSI

You Control the Flow of Your Data in Motion and at Rest

Sealpath grants full access over your data security with dynamic data protection. Assign granular access rights, set expiry dates for access, or delete documents remotely even after they have been sent. Additionally, Sealpath encrypts your data and allows you to specify which subnets or IPs can access your documents.

No Lengthy Learning Curve – Intuitive, Simple Design

Our clients enjoy Sealpath’s ease of use, as it integrates with many common productivity suites like Microsoft Office, Adobe, and G-Suite. Also, the software is supported on Windows, Mac OSX, iOS and Android.

Protect and share your documents in just seconds with these common programs. After sharing a protected document, you gain the ability to audit and monitor access to them. Should an unauthorized user attempt to access your documents, Sealpath automatically alerts users or administrators to take appropriate countermeasures.

Mitigate Your Risks – Manage Compliance

Mismanagement of data poses one of the greatest threats to any organization. Breaches of data security and non-compliance with regulations result in lost time, resources, and trust. Sealpath positions your company to negate these risks by providing you with powerful tools to facilitate compliance with regulations and standards.

Under traditional file-sharing procedures, once a document leaves your office – there is no controlling where it ends up. Our software revolutionizes file-sharing by granting the distributor abilities to limit and audit the recipient’s usage. Does the recipient no longer need access to the file? Simply revoke their access remotely. Also, you can assign administrators and audit their activity logs.

Multiple Deployment Options

Sealpath works well in any setting. OspreyTSI is capable of installing the software on-site, in the cloud, or at multi-organization environments. This makes it a perfect solution for those who prefer total control over their infrastructure, Cloud/Saas solutions, or Managed Service Providers (MSPs) that manage multiple accounts.

By partnering with OspreyTSI, our clients enjoy the ability to secure and monitor access to their documents on any device, in any setting. Enjoy greater peace of mind, increased productivity, unmatched data security, and reduced liability by deploying Sealpath by OspreyTSI today.


Your corporate documents and emails encrypted and secure wherever they are


Remotely control who can access and their permissions (view, print, copy & paste, etc.)


Real-time monitoring of the activity of your documents, blocked access, etc.