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If We Can Conceptualize It, We Can Create It

Every day modern technologies are pushing the boundaries of what is possible. From conception to creation, technology makes it happen. We recognize the importance of partnering with world-class vendors to provide the nation with technology that makes us healthier, safer, and keeps our information secure. Take a look at our comprehensive approach to technology:

IT Consulting

No two organizations are alike, that’s why each organization should have a customized plan for utilizing information technology. We meet with our clients, establish their needs, and formulate a system to implement their technologies as effectively as possible. Together, we create more efficient and effective IT systems that drive organizations forward.

Network Systems and Solutions

A secure, reliable network is an invaluable asset to any organization. Network outages and vulnerabilities can cost a fortune in lost productivity and damages. Hence, Osprey partners with industry leaders to bring our clients safe and dependable networks. We mitigate exposure to risks and improve business outcomes with exceptional networking capabilities.

Equipment Supply and Logistics

Many of our operations depend on acquiring supplies and translocating them in the most efficient manner possible. Our experts assist our clients to ensure quality control, full inventories, and efficient operations.

Voice Systems and Solutions

Effective organizations depend on clear and concise communications. To accomplish this, Osprey partners with award-winning vendors of voice systems and solutions.


A solid foundation is built from the ground up, and cabling is a fundamental part of developing your communication infrastructure. Count on us to provide efficient and effective cabling solutions specializing in fiber optic and copper connections for government agencies and private sector entities alike.

Camera Security Solutions

Nothing offers greater security than a wireless monitoring system. With our wireless IP camera systems and thermal imaging capabilities, you get a clear picture of what’s happening on-premises at all times.

Audio-Visual Systems

Many of our clients manage projects in multiple cities, states, and overseas – communicating can be challenging. Hence, our audio-visual systems provide a platform for seamless virtual conferences and meeting rooms. By facilitating communications, our clients stay informed, increase their efficiency, and productivity.

We provide design and implementation support for:

  • Command and control centers

  • Public services collaboration rooms (transportation, public safety, police)

  • Transportation monitoring and real-time information display

  • And much more!

Enterprise IT Infrastructure

Osprey TSI provides support for a multitude of environments from legacy IT to virtual and managed solutions. Leveraging our experience across government and civilian customers has positioned us to gain a broad view of technologies, architectures, and platforms. By combining our industry knowledge with a solid understanding of our client’s mission, we are able to develop and successfully maintain data centers and similar solutions.


Each organization possesses its own unique communications requirements. With our proven experience, knowledge of best practices, and innovative tools, we help our clients develop a unique communications solution that best fits their business.

Outside Plant Infrastructure

Osprey TSI employs certified technicians who are trained in outside plant safety issues, regulations, codes, and standards. Our employees are trained in the installation of different types of outside plant cabling in addition to the pathways and spaces required for multi-building cabling distribution including underground, direct-buried, and aerial distribution systems.

Osprey TSI’s outside plant engineering and design professionals will determine the method for the installation of cabling plant, calculating optical fiber end-to-end system attenuation, planning new OSP cable plant, and determining the types of telecommunications pathways and spaces to use.